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So, while I was at Fanime, they were playing jrock music videos on one of the movie screens. I really like this one video that I saw, but I have no idea what the song is called, or who the band is. But I'm hoping if I describe the video, someone here might know ^_^

The lead singer was wearing a black leather jacket and he had shoulder-ish length black hair. The guitarist had short, spiked blond hair, and there was one other guy who was kinda big (and possibly wearing glasses, but don't quote me on that), and he was either playing guitar or bass. There were gray building type walls behind them, and there were some bizarre dressed people dancing (I remember one of the them was dressed as a cheerleader). The people dancing would blur and disappear randomly. There was also this hella pretty girl that was dancing around while the singer would sit and watch her. And at the end, the lead singer blurs out, and it's the big guitar/bass player who's with the girl.

The song was kinda long, and there was a good amount of guitar solo-ness. And it was kind of bouncy and really catchy. I waited for the credits at the end to see who it was, but it was all in Japanese XP
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